I always get the question: what is up with the orange? Since I moved to Asia in 2008, the bright orange colour has always been an integral part of all my endeavors. Why? Let me tell you my secret. ​

For me personally, orange started as nothing more than a nice color to use for our logo: it stood out as tropical, warm and vibrant. Only a few years later the office was full of orange employees, and a few years after I could not drive to work without seeing a orange wave of cars and motorbikes going down the same street. Today, it has become a symbol for everything that we aspire for as a team, as a company and as individuals. It has become a symbol and constant reminder of the importance of the orange family, and the mentality that all great ideas, business ventures and success comes from working together as one big team.

- Kurt Svendheim


Why make it complicated, when you can make it simple? There are too many complex issues in life needing your attention that we are committed to making sure that the process of dealing with us is as smooth and simple as possible.


We are in a world full of glossy magazines, huge billboard ads and perfect ideals. We therefore go out of the way to put the focus back on what really matters: the products that we are delivering.


Take good care of your employees, and they will take good care of your clients! The orange team and spirit is core to all the companies and an important factor in all choices that we make.


The New Nordic Group does not believe in building high walls around our projects, but rather ensuring that our projects become a part of the communities and local surroundings where they are located. We engage in charity activities and support local initiatives.


Whatever project we make or whatever destination we go to, we always try to develop "the whole package". We rarely do standalone buildings, but focus on everything from the food on the place to the materials of the building.


In today world, only those who are committed to ensuring their projects are suited for the future will win. We aim to implement sustainable intiatives across our companies, from LEED certifications on our buildings to the decisions we make in our offices and banning plastic in our restaurants.