Phuket, Thailand, Asia's Island Wonderland, Sees Unique Family Vacation Development by New Nordic Group 'WATER WORLD'

Jul 24, 2018

From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Beautiful Beaches of South East Asia, Svendheim Builds a Hospitality Empire, Celebrating their 9th Anniversary.

PHUKET, Thailand, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- New Nordic Group, an ASEAN-based construction and hospitality management company is accepting investments in a new condo development complex on one of the most popular vacation destinations in Asia; Phuket, Thailand. New Nordic Water World is a family oriented facility that also features activities suited for the sophisticated adult. It stands 500-yards from the famous white sand beaches of Phuket Island.
Investors can now participate in this development at favorable pre-construction rates.

Kurt Svendheim, CEO of the New Nordic Group

Family Friendly Beach-Side Condos That Can Provide a Healthy ROI
The 377,000 square foot development will feature dozens of studios, one and two-bedroom condos, many with poolside or ocean views. Contemporary designed apartments encircle a large, sun soaked pool that has waterpark like slides which allow children to hit the water with a splash.

The New Nordic Group broke ground in 2018 and the project is being constructed in three phases. The development cost of the project is USD 54 million. Investors can view its progress via a 24/7 streaming video and with weekly progress reports.

See the development's website at:

Phuket Island Paradise Sees Growing Investor Interest
Like much of Thailand, Phuket is seeing an uptick in investor interest. Much of it is for leisure and holiday-oriented developments which hope to capitalize on the island's long-standing status as an international vacation hotspot. Both foreign and domestic investors see it as a safe destination for capital with a favorable upside, due, in part, to Thailand's investor friendly policies and the island's decades-long popularity.

According to the CEO of the New Nordic Group, Kurt Svendheim, 'We have a heritage of building vacation facilities only in Asia's most beautiful and popular locations. That's why we chose Phuket. Few places have the variety of activities and natural beauty of Phuket.'

Trip Advisor characterized Phuket as an 'International magnet for beach lovers and serious divers.' Tourists from around the world visit the island by the thousands, yet it retains its unspoiled, natural beauty. Buddhist temples, lush gardens, wild life sanctuaries, golf and family-friendly activities are balanced by an exciting night life with five-star restaurants, cafes, bars, salons and shopping.

Thailand's Growing Economy & Friendly Investor Policies
Thailand is one of Asia's safest and most sought after investment destinations due to its growing economy – the second largest in ASEAN - and the government's policy of actively seeking foreign direct investments. In March, 2018, The World Bank said, 'Thailand is one of the great development success stories… becoming an upper middle income economy.' This year, the economy is estimated to grow by 4.1%, much of this driven by tourism which accounts for over 10% of the country's income.

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