The Power of Orange

I always get the question: what is up with the orange? Since I moved to Asia in 2008, the bright orange color has always been an integral part of all my endeavors. Why? Let me tell you my secret. ‚Äč

For me personally, orange started as nothing more than a nice color to use for our logo: it stood out as tropical, warm and vibrant. Only a few years later the office was full of orange employees, and a few years after I could not drive to work without seeing a orange wave of cars and motorbikes going down the same street. Today, it has become a symbol for everything that we aspire for as a team, as a company and as individuals. It has become a symbol and constant reminder of the importance of the orange family, and the mentality that all great ideas, business ventures and success comes from working together as one big team.

- Kurt Svendheim