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New Nordic Group projects and offices

New Nordic Group has the unique potential to develop projects where we are hands-on from the moment we start to survey the land, till we serve our clients omelets in our breakfast restaurant. We have a diverse team of professionals in all our key focus areas: investments, real estate, project development, hospitality and travel.
When looking at new destinations and/or concepts I always consider the potential for each business unit in the areas. For us to make a final decision on a location I must be able to see the vision coming to life.

New Nordic Group logo

New Nordic Group

The Group’s retail real estate sales arm with a network of 3000 + investors going into new destinations and projects alongside the Group. New Nordic Investments is today established in Singapore, Hong Kong and UAE Dubai and offers investments in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Auran Group

US real estate investment structure offering secure investments in landbanks, real estate developments and operative resorts in the destinations that the Group is present in. Headquarters in Los Angeles, USA.

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Asset management and real esate development company focused on the African continent. Oroma currently have a portfolio in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. Headquarter in the UAE.

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Asset management and real esate development company focused on Latin america. Arumi currently have a portfolio in Brazil and Colombia.

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Alani hospitality

Alani Hospitality is an international hospitality company operating hotels, resorts and restaurants by their own boutique management brand and third party operating companies across offering a wide hospitality portfolio across the ASEAN.
Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Kiwano travel

Kiwano focuses on the future of travel, by bridging the gap between the international travel market and the local expertise. With a commitment to sustainable and ethical travel, they put travellers in touch with Local Ambassadors at all destinations to make travel into more than just a holiday – it becomes a learning experience.

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TravelBeats is a travel portal that gathers the personal travel experiences from travelers and Influencers across the world to deliver you the personal and authentic descriptions of their journeys to all corners of the world. The travel planners assist you to find your own unique travel experience.