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New Nordic Group

Hong Kong based real estate company with branches in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, Norway, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Brazil, Colombia and the US.
The company has launched over 200 projects and has over 3,000 under management.

Auran Group logo

Auran Group

Investment corporation offering unique investment opportunities in South East Asia through land banking and hotel development offerings. Headquarters in Los Angeles, USA.

Oroma logo


Project development and management company with the headquarter based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company leads a range of developments across South Eastern Asia.

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Kiwano travel

A new adventurous travel and inspiration agency offering unique trips and experiences in Asia and Africa. Headquarters in Tønsberg, Norway and offices in Norway and Thailand.

Alani logo

Alani hospitality

Alani Hospitality is an international hospitality company operating hotels, resorts and restaurants by their own boutique management brand and third party operating companies across offering a wide hospitality portfolio across the ASEAN.
Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Asiaspecialisten logo


A travel and inspiration platform for the current and future traveller. By bringing together different actors in the industry, the platform works to push people outside their comfort zone to explore new regions and experiences. The brand has offices in Norway and Thailand.
Headquarters in Tønsberg, Norway.