Time with family

Time with family

Aug 14, 2018

This week I have had some time with the family in Europe, and we went together to one of the countries I have always had on my list: Iceland. Even though it is close to home in Norway and there are many similarities, it is very interesting to see the differences in the nature, architecture, climate and culture. We have truly enjoyed our time here!

For the first five years of running New Nordic Group, I did not take any holiday for longer than a week, and always made it a priority to be in every weekly and monthly meeting we scheduled. It was necessary at that point to make sure that operations moved on smoothly and that I was there to tackle any situations that might occur. Today, the situation it very different and we have a fantastic management team that runs all the day to day operations. 

In a fast-pace company I always try to make it a point that our Orange Team must take care of themselves before we can take care of the business - it does not work the other way around. I therefore try to be good at setting an example by taking a holiday with the family every year, and also to make sure to "log-off" in the evenings when possible. 

Now I am full of energy and ready to start on our many exciting plans for this autumn!

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