Africa Preview

Africa Preview

Aug 20, 2018

This year, New Nordic Hong Kong dedicated a budget for our Africa expansion. Together with our Business Development Team we have for the last year worked together with our regional research team in different locations in Eastern & Central Africa to find the best suited destinations for the Group and our clients.

We have also found our new Head of New Nordic Africa with decades of experience in project development & management in real estate and solar energy projects.  Our travel team is also working together with Local Ambassadors in several countries here in preparations for our new travel concept that will launch later this autumn. I always love this part of the process where we get to learn more on how they work and how we best can integrate their knowledge into our system, and further how our New Nordic structure best fit to each destination.

This summer we have also decided on the first selection of countries we will enter into, and we have agreed on the first range of projects. This month we also received the first drafts of the room layout for our project there that I wanted to share with you. Our Project Development team always work with local architects and designers to merge our standards and profile with the local architecture and style. I think the result was very, very nice!


There are a lot of progress being made on our different efforts here every day, and I cannot wait to share more exciting news with you!

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