What inspires me

What inspires me

Mar 20, 2018

In a changing world, the most challenging is to make sure we stay on top of the latest developments to offer new products, to follow our clients' needs and to be on top of the newest market trends.

In order to do so, I have several key sources of inspiration:

- The Orange Team. I have always had the philosophy to try to hire people that are smarter, have more experience and have newer ideas than me. With the team we have today, I truly feel we have accomplished this. We are a great team of diverse, complex and opinionated people and yes, we do get frustrated at times, but I believe that this dynamics enables us to always think new, move forward and always be critical to what we are doing and achieving. They inspire me every day and make us strive for more. Our green efforts is led by a person that has only been in the Group for one year. Our complete hospitality division is led by a director that only last year was introduced to the organization. They bring me ideas, and it is my job to give them room and support to bring such ideas to life.

- Books. I have never been a big reader, but last year I got my hands on a biography of Petter Stordalen: one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Norway. It was incredibly inspiring to get an insight into his thoughts and ideas to see where we think the same, where we have different opinion and where I can learn more. We need to be innovative, but we should also learn from others where we can. Now I make sure I get through several biographies per month to get ideas, input and inspiration.

- News and newsletters. I subscribe to a wide range of newsletters and news that I go through every single day. It is updates on the locations where we are present, updates on our competitors, developments in our target markets and more. I also have some news subscriptions only for input and inspiration. I would highly recommend Bob Pritchard's daily mail out!

-My travels. I have always loved to travel, and this passion is also what led me to develop the businesses I have today. Every time I go to a new location, visit a new hotel or try a new restaurant I get impulses and inspiration for our own businesses. What can we build on? What can we do better?

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