Our biggest strength: A diverse team

Our biggest strength: A diverse team

Aug 15, 2018

I have mentioned before here on the blog that one of the best decisions I made in my start-up years was to bring on the lady that has been the head of our Thailand organization since the beginning; Khun Namfon. She started as our Head of Admin, but as the organization grew larger and larger, her tasks and responsibilities also grew. Today she serves as the Managing Director of all our operations in Thailand.

For me to have someone close to me helping me with decisions and also ensuring that we respect and appreciate the local culture and the people we interact with has been key to our fast growth.

Khun Namfon and I giving a token of appreciation to those who have been with the Group the longest. Khun Tad has stayed with us for 18 years.

As New Nordic Group expanded outside the borders of Thailand we also consistently brought in more and more people to the team - with a focus on ensuring that we use people with expertise and knowledge of each country and location within the organization. Today the group consists of more than 2,000 staff, and the Group also just passed a total of 16 nationalities within the Group. Our senior management consist of a total of 8 nationalities. I believe that one of our strongest resources lies within this team. Not only do they offer fantastic input and inspiration to each other in terms of their experience and knowledge, with professionals from finance, real estate, sales, engineering, project development, hospitality, F&B, travel and more within the same Group. We also help broaden each other's horizons in terms of perspectives and cultural appreciation when these different nationalities are brought together.


Everyday we communicate together on our communication platform across management levels and departments, and the motivation, positivism and energy we find there is truly special. I once heard one of of my managers comment; "What do you mean Facebook and Instagram? The only social media platform I use is the New Nordic platform". Hehe. It is amazing to be able to tap into the orange spirit! 

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