The future of the travel industry

The future of the travel industry

Jul 11, 2018

New Nordic has been in the travel industry for many years, inspired by our interest in new and emerging areas and wish to communicate new experiences to our network of owners, investors and guests. As a result, we currently have a total of six travel brands under our travel division. Based on our work in the industry, experience from travelling and wish for the future, our travel division will go through a complete re-branding this autumn to be able to offer more to our clients.

The travel team and I have had many discussions regarding the travel industry over the last years, and the reports and research that come out shows some clear indicators among today's travelers:

- We are more experienced and independent, and therefore want to have more freedom and choice during our travel based on ones personal preferences. 

- We want to get more in touch with the local experiences when we visit new countries rather than focusing on our "bucket list" key landmarks in a country. We also seek more adventurous experiences that give input and widens ones horizon. 

- We want to be active during our holiday, and seek wellness and mental health benefits as a part of the itinerary.

 - New technology such as blockchain changes the way we are attracted to holiday alternatives, which impacts the travel space.

In our discussions we have focused a lot on how travelers have changed from applauding when the plane lands at the holiday destinations and joining information meetings with guides speaking their own language to becoming more independent as a result of having more options more readily available to them. However, the travel industry have not been able to follow this development, and the trips and destinations they offer remain very much the same. With a re-branded Asiaspesialisten and our new travel brand Kiwano Travel, we want to be able to offer something completely new to the travel space by broadening our understanding of travel both vertically and horizontally.

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