With the Orange Family at core

With the Orange Family at core

Jan 28, 2019

As the Group is expanding we have made it a key priority to ensure that our values as a Orange Family stay at the heart of everything we do. This has blossomed under our new Human Capital department.

I have mentioned the Orange Family several times here on the blog, and a big reason for this is that I believe it is our strongest asset as a company. New Nordic Group build buildings, we decorate rooms, we sell investments, we give you breakfast in the morning, we pick you up at the airport and we let you explore new areas of the world with our new travel agencies - but we believe that nothing of this is worth while if we do not first and foremost ensure that we are a place where our orange team members can come to work with a smile every day and feel like they work for a company that takes care of those individuals that are willing to work hard, protect our values and vision and build their way up through the company. We believe this is also something you as our investor or guest will benefit from in the long run.

As we have expanded, the Orange Family has seen a lot of challanges. The pressure we put on our team as a result of constant changes and expansion is something we must acknowledge and take seriously, and the distance between the top management and our most important team members - those who are in constant contact with our clients - is something that has forced us to think in new and more creative ways on how we organize ourselves. One of the initatives we did to meet these new challanges in the last year was to head hunt a new director for our Human Capital department, who has brought very positive changes to our team. For Christmas we had a Christmas Calendar amongst the Orange Family where the winners could donate the income from the tickets bought in the Calendar to charities close to their hearts. In the new year we implemented provident fund for all our Orange Family members, which only 2% of the companies registered in Thailand do! We have also dedicated ourselves to health care benefits for all orange family members, new internship solutions and higher budgets to boost activities in the location communities of our projects. I have to say I am proud to be a part of a team that is dedicated to make sure we take care of each other and our communities as we work to develop more investment offers, holiday villages and holiday experiences.

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