The Kiwano website is live!

The Kiwano website is live!

Nov 27, 2018

After a year in the making our Kiwano Travel website is live! The travel platform will offer travels to those who are looking for local, authentic and sustainable ways of exploring the world.

Kiwano Travel is the newest edition to our travel division. Over the last year, the Kiwano team has been teaming up with local ambassadors across Asia and Africa to join the brand. Together they have been developing a travel brand that is focusing on the authenic and local experiences of each destination as we believe people no longer travel to only see the Eifeltower or to be on a safari. We travel to be able to take part in, learn from and connect with other cultures, traditions and ways of life, to learn from them and also share our own world views. This way, we do not only come home with more photos in our iPhone gallery, but with new perspectives and a broader horizon. Having local ambassadors further ensures that more of the money spent remains in the communities and that we are more attached the experiences themselves.

The Kiwano team also sees that travelers require more from a travel portal in this day and age than good experiences. They want safety and stability of traveling through an agency, but they do not want this to be at the expence of flexibility, choice and freedom when out in the world. Also, they want to make sure that their travels do not affect the planet, animals or communities in any harmful ways, which is a very difficult consideration with many layers to it. Kiwano has therefore gone out with a message that they cannot promise to be perfect, but to be humble and honest and reflect on and inform about all the complex issues involved in traveling today. Content on this can be viewed on their inspiration platform.

The Norwegian website is already live and can be viewed here.

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