The Gorillas of Uganda: A testimony to African protection of wildlife

The Gorillas of Uganda: A testimony to African protection of wildlife

Mar 18, 2019

At the end of February, I was back in Uganda with our Head of Africa to explore new opportunities and follow up current projects. I also got the opportunity to view the mountain gorillas!

Today you can only find mountain gorillas in the wild in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Rwanda and Uganda have over the last few years done a massive work to ensure that these gorilla families stay protected and that their habitat remains untouched by human developments, whilst in the same time building a framework for tourists to visit. As it is important to understand more about the countries we work in as a whole, we were able to take a few days in Bwindi National Park. Here I got to trek in the mountains together with a small group of tourists, our guides and some rangers to find a family of 14 mountain gorillas. A beautiful experience!

One thing that have always impressed me about the counties that we operate in is their dedication and commitment to protect their wildlife. The national parks in these countries are the size of European countries, they have rangers staying out day in and day out to ensure the protection of these animals and they have strong regulations to ensure that the national parks stay unaffected by humans. That these countries have a financial situation that often is much different from Europe and that poaching, trophy hunting and other activities is sadly a source to quick cash, makes it even more impressing that they have dedicated themselves to make sure that the world will have beautiful animals like gorillas, lions and rhinos also in the future.

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