Sneak peak of a New Nordic Castle unit!

Sneak peak of a New Nordic Castle unit!

Mar 27, 2019

This year our New Nordic Castle will open, and the first few show rooms are available to view.

The opening of the first New Nordic Castle, as a part of our Heritage Series, is a very special occasion. This project marks a new era for the group where we go from offering a room and good services, to offering a whole experience when staying with us. In our castle you can explore corridors with hidden treasures and secrets, you can dine under our water pool area, you can enjoy a juicy steak in our restaurant The Battlefield and you can enjoy five-star service upon pick up from the airport. I have loved castles since I was a child travelling around Europe with my parents, and I believe this is a unique holiday experience for couples, families, friend groups and travelers of all ages.

The first few Castle Suites have already opened and here is a small sneak peak so you can see for yourself the mystery and adventure that awaits in this concept!

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