Sales conferences in France

Sales conferences in France

Jul 2, 2019

Last week we were with one of our elite agents, TPP, to meet with current and new investors in France. It was a great pleasure to present new projects and to get feedback from our clients.

Our Director of Sales and I had the pleasure of joining one of our elite agencies, TPP, over a course of a week at several conferences in France last week. These conferences are always quite hectic and we are in a new destination every day meeting with current and new investors. The team very much appreciate these momentsboth because it boosts our already very close relationship with our agencies, as well as giving us direct contact with our clients. It is amazing to get the feedback on projects, destinations and products which we take very seriously.

This year we were able to present current developments in Asia and the new launches in Africa. We are very happy to get a lot of good feedback, and look forward to continuing the close cooperation.

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