Presenting Africa

Presenting Africa

Jul 5, 2019

This year I have spent a lot of time on the African continent. One of the biggest focuses have been to host several product conferences to our closest sales teams and agencies.

This year we released our two first projects on the African continent, one in Malawi and one in Uganda. I have therefore spent a lot of time on the African continent with our team here, exploring the regions and working closely on every development. I see amazing poential in the locations we have chosen both in terms of real estate development and tourism. I believe we have only started to see the potential of Central Africa.

Since starting to focus on the region last year it is very positive to now have developed a strong team that manage the business in the region. I am also very pleased that we now have our head of Africa, after many years with us in the organization in Thailand, re-located to Africa to follow the developments as they continue after the first launches. We always try to bring someone who knows the organization and our style to new locations to ensure that our standards and orange spirit and way of doing things are maintained.

Since the start of the year we have also hosted several project conferences with our sales networks, sales teams and agency networks to show them the beauty and potential of Africa. We have taken them through the mist of Victoria Falls, on a boat over Lake Malawi, into the lush landscapes of Uganda and to the white sandy beaches of Mosambique. It is amazing to see how positive their impression is after visiting these destination, and to see how fast the sales have been taking of. It is not only me that have started to open my eyes for Africa - a place I see myself spending a lot of time in the years to come!

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