New milestones reached in Cambodia!

New milestones reached in Cambodia!

Nov 13, 2018

At the start of the month, I got the pleasure of going back to Cambodia again. I have to say the progess did not disappoint this time around either!

It is not long since we last visited Cambodia, but were this time around we went with a delegration of our key elite agencies and a selection of our directors. We visited our sales office in Phenom Penh, and also the construction site in Sihanoukville. At this time, the project reached 76% sold out and our sales team is busy throughout the weeks assisting visitors, owners and agencies in our office. We are extremly happy to see how well received this project has been by our current and new owners. Our Orange Princess yacht can now also take visitors directly from our destinations in Pattaya, Chumphon and Koh Samui via the ocean.

The construction has also done amazing progress. The team could inform they have cast the concrete for the first floor columns and lift walls, connected the transformer and prepared the sleeves and conduits and started the formwork and rebar for the second floor beams and slab. 

If you have not checked out Cambodia yet, I truly recommend that you do. China is purshing further investments in the coastal areas (read here) and the UAE is looking into the region (read here). In the same time, the highway from the capital to Sihanoukville is now underway (read here) and the former quiet town of Kampot is now gearing up for tourists and foreign investment (read here).

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