New Offices in Bangkok

New Offices in Bangkok

Jan 22, 2019

Starting the new year by expanding to bigger offices as a result of our growing management group.

Since we started New Nordic Group, we have always looked for new and talented people to take into our management group, but 2018 was up until today the year where we expanded our senior management group the most. As a result of more and more projects, more brands and new corporate functions being added to the organization, the management group is today almost twice the size of what we were only a few years back.

We opened our first corporate office, in addition to the sales office, back in 2016 but it was only a matter of months before we could not fit everyone into the same meeting room for our monthly briefings. We are therefore starting the new year fresh with new and bigger offices. Here our project development team, business development team, investment and finance team, hospitality team and many more will be able to sit together.

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