New Nordic Atrium now open

New Nordic Atrium now open

Jan 22, 2019

New Nordic Atrium opened in Pratamnak Hill Soi 5 this month, and has floors dedicated for shops and commercial spaces.

In Pratamnak Hill we have now completed approximately 48 out of a total of 56 launched buildings, and this is something that we are incredibly proud of. Not only is this a testimony to our belief that a developer should focus on building the building and delivering the product, rather than fancy marketing campaigns and other activities, but is also have enabled us to bring our holiday village vision to life in Pratamnak Hill. One of the most exciting additions to this village is New Nordic Atrium, which opened on January 1 this year.

New Nordic Atrium is a unique building in the way it is open on the inside from second floor to the seveth floor, giving a great and spacious feeling in the building. The building also has two floors with office space and shops, conveniently located towards one of Pratamnak Hills main sub roads: Soi 5. The building has a total of 100 apartments that are decorated with a modern and green design. The idea of Atrium came about after we had launched many buildings in Pratamnak, and saw that there eventually would be a lot of owners and guests living with us on the hill in the future: people that needed services and facilities. With Atrium and a few other selected buildings, we therefore added different concepts to the project.

New Nordic Atrium is a unique building in many ways, and I hope our owners and visitors enjoy staying here with us.

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