Meeting with our investors and owners

Meeting with our investors and owners

Mar 22, 2019

One year after our last visit, New Nordic's sales director, Jan, and I were back in French Polynesia to meet with our investors and owners.

It is always a great pleasure for Jan and I to be able to meet with our group of regular investors in our different projects across the world, which is why we always try to prioritize conferences and happenings with our different main agents, sales teams and their clients. This way we get to see them in person to get their feedback on our service and products, as well as listening to what they want to invest in for the future. It also gives us an opportunity to present the latest developments of the New Nordic Group, and to give more information about our products and projects. This time around we brought some very exciting news!

Since the beginning we have always made it a priority to have a good contact and communication between developer, agencies and clients, and these meetings are an important part of maintaining this as the Group is growing further.

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