Local Voices through Kiwano Travel

Local Voices through Kiwano Travel

Jan 28, 2019

One of my biggest frustrations in the latest years has been to find good and authentic stories from the different locations that we are working in. Through Kiwano Travel you can now read blogs from our ambassadors across Asia and Africa.

I follow as many local and international news agencies and papers I possible can to ensure that I get a holistic understanding of the markets and fields that we are working in through our different brands in the New Nordic Group. One of my constant frustrations, however, have been to find a good and local opinions and stories, as international media often get very sensational and targeted towards one type of reader. Furthermore, I want to hear the stories written from those who experience it themselves, and not always stories framed by a central office.

I therefore see it as a great contribution to our work to see Kiwano Travel now focusing on bringing forward their Local Ambassadors' stories at their blog platform. Here Limbikani writes about the New Year Celebrations in Malawi, and Zara and Charles writes about the Blue Economy Conference in Kenya. When you invest in New Nordic Group, you not only invest in bricks and concerte. You invest in a community, in a community and in the belief in new and coming destinations. These stories from Kiwano are therefore very important in helping us to portray the full image of our locations, away from the headlights in the news media.

The Kiwano blog can be found here.

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