Land banks and coffee in Latin America

Land banks and coffee in Latin America

Aug 20, 2019

This month I was back in Latin America to explore opportunities in this beautiful region. We expanded our landbank and made many exciting plans for the future.

In April this year we announced that the Group will venture into Latin America as the final element of our 10 year long strategy to be present in the tropical zone, with a stable climate, growing economies and breath-taking destinations. This summer we also have established two heads of Latin America who will be based in the region, and I was very excited to meet up with them and to discuss the further expansion.

During the meeting we discussed upcoming projects and the purchase of a coffee farm, which will be a fantastic edition to our new eco-projects in a time where also New Nordic Group is working to meet the new area of sustainable business. We also decided on new aquisitions and continued to develop our land bank in the key countries we are focused on.

The beaches, traditions, culture, food and architecture in our destinations is enough for investors, apartments owners and holiday seekers to want to come back again and again - which is perfect for our model which combines real estate with the hospitality sector.

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