Land banking started in Africa

Land banking started in Africa

Dec 17, 2018

After over a year in the works, I am very proud to announce that New Nordic has secured a land bank in Africa. As of today, we have established ourselves in 4 countries with a total of 7 land plots.

Last week, representatives from the Business Development team, Project Development team, Africa team and Travel team were back in Africa to meet with our partners and explore new areas. I have been here almost every month this year with different representatives of our team to explore opportunities in the tropical region of the continent. We have seen so many amazing and beautiful areas. We have gotten to know extremely talented and passionate people. We have visited some of the best hotels we have ever seen, and I have been amazed by a second-to-none service. We have explored busy cities, been showered in one of the world’s wonders at Victoria Falls and seen the Big 5 in their natural habitat in the different national parks. I am therefore extremely excited to now be able to share the news with you that we officially now have secured a land bank in the region, starting with a total of 4 counties and 7 land plots.

We already have a team of 6 people on the ground working full time with our project development and real estate section, in addition to our Kiwano Travel team with ambassadors in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In average, the land plots range from 0.5 hectares to 10 hectares, and each and every project we develop on these land plots will be unique and nurtured with love and care.

New Nordic has a long-term strategy for Africa in line with our Green Goes Orange initiatives, where sustainable real estate developments and living is a key concern. A priority is also, consistent with our current developments, to ensure that we develop our projects alongside the local community and nature where we tear down walls rather than building them up around us. Our designers in the central team are working closely with local agencies to get the local tradition and heritage into the projects that they are a part of.

We will also develop the concept as a part of our Orange Society initiative where we will employ 90% locals in our operational teams and we will purchase as much of the material as possible locally. This is only the start of our work in Africa, and I believe this is a key region that we will see a lot of in the years to come. I am happy that my team and I get to be a part of it.

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