Kiwano web series out

Kiwano web series out

Feb 19, 2019

As a part of the Kiwano Travel launch, they sent our two young friends on a trip of a lifetime. Now you can join their journey in the newly launched web series!

In the autumn of last year, Kiwano Travel sent Kristine and Lukrecija on a trip of their lifetime. Having a gap year after finishing their college they were to visit 15 countries over a period of 3 months – in which most of these countries they had never been to before. Here they climbed volcanoes in Indonesia, joined festivals in India, had cooking classes in Kenya and danced the evening away in a remote village in Zambia. At every destination they were met by Kiwano’s local ambassador to ensure that they got the authentic experiences at every destination. This month the first episode of the series was launched which you can view here.

Kiwano Travel works to offer travels that are built up around the unique experiences by having their local ambassadors building the program and activities for the trip. They say themselves that “People do not travel for the big all-inclusive resorts or the English breakfasts anymore, they want the experiences that move them, make them see new horizons and view the world from new perspectives”.

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