First New Nordic Heritage Projects to Open Next Year!

First New Nordic Heritage Projects to Open Next Year!

Dec 11, 2018

I have loved historical castles since I was a child and my parents took me on roadtrips through Europe for the summer holidays. Next year we are finally opening the first New Nordic castles!

The New Nordic Castles goes under our New Nordic Heritage divison, which is our selection of five star projects together with our New Nordic Palace and New Nordic Fortress. Staying in these buildings should offer more than a good nights sleep and somewhere to charge your batteries: it should be a full experience!

The idea of the Castles started long time back. I have always had a passion for Castles ever since my parents took me to traditional European castles on our roadtrips on the continent in the summers: I would run around in the corridors and explore ever detail of them. When we had developed many projects under the New Nordic umbrella and the feedback from our owners and guests were that they wanted a broader range of options, and also something on the higher end of the scale, the choice was easy! The Castle will have "The Battlefield Restaurant" which gives you the same feeling as the warriors coming home from tuff days out protecting their kingdom in the anchient days, long corridors with hidden secrets and large suites with all facilities you need. There are also separate lounges, bars and VIP areas. 

The New Nordic Castle I and II have been going at an amazing speed after our project development and hospitality team ensured that all details were planned into the finest details, and we are now preparing for the opening of the projects in 2019. Super exciting!

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