Exploring emerging regions

Exploring emerging regions

Apr 28, 2019

After starting the year with a reserach trip through all our destinations in South Eastern Asia, I have over the last month explored different new regions that are of interest to the Group. I am amazed by all the beautiful and interesting destinations that we have discovered.

The New Nordic Group has research teams on the ground in all the key destinatons that are of interest to us. We have a team in Africa that has now been further developed to a sales, admin and project development team as our work there has moved to the next step. We also have a team on the ground in Latin America, and it was a pleasure to meet them this month to see all that this region has to offer.

With our regional head and our country specific research teams we had the pleasure of visiting several countries in Latin and South America. We got to discover the white beaches and clear blue waters, learn about the diverse populations and culutres, explore histoical sites with pyramides and Maya sites and enjoy what might be the best coffee in the world! I look forward to continue our work and research here.

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