Dansegalla at New Nordic

Dansegalla at New Nordic

Dec 17, 2018

The New Nordic Dancegalla brought people together for a full week of sunshine, live music and dance in our holiday village in Pratamnak Hill.

Odd Arne Sørensen is a long time friend of New Nordic and, together with PK, he has been at our holiday village to sing and entertain our visitors for special occations almost since the very beginning of our first few buildings. This time, he visited us with a team of amazing award-winning artists and musicians with XXX. The event lasted for a full week with five days of live concerts, where an international buffett was served from our chefs. On the days off our visitors could enjoy days trips to nearby islands, sightseeing or just a lazy day in the sunshine by the pool.

The New Nordic Dansegalla was hosted for the second time this year, and is a collaboration between New Nordic and our travel agency, the Asia Specialist, in Norway. It is very nice to see how our travel agencies enable our visitors and owners the chance to have the safety and security that a travel agency can offer, from cating for the plane tickets to organizing day trips. It is also a great opportunity for New Nordic to have a good network of travellers to tap into when hosting a special event or happening.

Thanks very much to everyone who joined us for this week!

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