Chasing beautiful views

Chasing beautiful views

Nov 26, 2018

I truly love that I get to explore so many beautiful areas in my job. One of them are the amazing islands of the Philippines that we visited recently.

Today, I am lucky to have a fantastic team of proffesionals that run our different brands and divisions. I give them a lot of freedom and trust, as I believe it is important to select people for the job that are better than yourself - and then give them the space to make the decisions that they believe in. The one section that I still today remain the most active in is the project selection and project development process as these are areas very close to my heart. I believe we have been good at picking good locations, and will work with our team to continue to do so for the long term future.

This month we got to explore more areas of the Philippines together with our country team. As I have already written there are amazing developments finding place in the Clarke area, but this is only the beginning. The Philippines is such a varied and diverse country, all united by blue waters and white beaches. We selected more key areas that we want to look into in more detail in the following months.

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