Celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a new brand profile

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a new brand profile

Feb 19, 2019

The year of 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of the New Nordic Group. We are celebrating the special occasion with launching a new brand profile for the Group.

We have just entered 2019, which is a very special year for the New Nordic Group. This year marks that it is 10 years since day I established the New Nordic Group, and decided to go in and build and develop the first selection of projects in Thailand together with our Thai partners. It has been 10 years where we slowly and steadily have followed our “step by step” approach building our brand slowly and steadily. It has been 10 years with fantastic friendships between the orange team, with power walks, beach cleaning, competitions and more. It has been 10 years with getting to know our owners, partners and guests and building unique products and services that can bring us forward into the future. It has been 10 years of exploring emerging and existing markets to get under the skin of our destinations and the communities to be able to set base in some of the most beautiful destination of the world across Asia, Africa and South America.

A lot has happened over these 10 years, and New Nordic Group has come a long way from our first building. It therefore felt right to put a new logo and profile to our brand to make sure that our face outwards also reflects this new area. The color is of course still orange to represent our orange team and communities, but more professional, more modern and more elegant. We hope you like it!

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