Beach Cleaning: Continuing a long tradition

Beach Cleaning: Continuing a long tradition

Jun 11, 2019

The Group has always had a special attention to our beaches, because it is important to our Group but also to our orange team and our visitors. A tropical destination is nothing without clean and tidy beaches and we want to do our little part in making sure that plastic and waste are taken away from these beautiful places.

The New Nordic Group have always had teams to go on our local beach in Pratamnak Hill, our first holiday village, several times a week, as well as bigger shared initiatives for the whole Group on special occations. As we expanded to Phuket, Chumphon and Koh Samui we have also adopted beaches close to our projects to make sure we take our part in maintaining areas in our location community.

It is great to see that this is not only an important activity for our Group, but our local teams are the key drivers for such iniatives. The picture shows a beach cleaning from the beautiful Coral Beach area in Chumphon a few weeks ago.

As the Group expands to new destinations these are important aspects that are core to the orange society that we will bring with us.

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