Project Development Expertise

Project Development Expertise

Jan 4, 2018

Since I first moved to Thailand, the project development aspect of being a property developer has been very important. When we started to create our own projects, I wanted to ensure that we could control every step of the process from choosing the land, to deciding when we wanted to start the piling and how we wanted to finished product to look.

We also went further than this and did not create huge launch campaigns, sparkling show rooms and fancy gift drops. Rather, we ensured our clients that they got a very good unit, with all furniture included - even bed linnen, cutlery, decorations and curtains. This led us to have many in-house management teams and well as one dedicated construction team in Thailand as our sole partner for the first 50 buildings.

As our projects have expanded and we have gone international, the in-house expertise has increased. Today, we have a big team of in-house engineers, designers, architects and maintenance workers from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. They are in charge of issuing new restaurant concepts, managing the development of new projects and setting up solar projects at different locations as a part of our new green initiatives under the "Green Goes Orange Campaign". Over the years they have developed a unique understanding of the local considerations at each destinations, whist at the same time keeping all projects to the same international standards. 

This year, we want to be able to offer the expertise of this team also to third parties, and we are launching a brand new company and brand for our project management and development team. The brand will focus on international standards, local considerations, sustainability and innovation. The brand will launch this spring, and we are all very excited to share it with the world!

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