What I look for when going to a new destination

What I look for when going to a new destination

Aug 11, 2018

Since the start of the New Nordic Group, we have expanded to many new and exciting destinations. As the organization has expanded I have carefully selected which parts of the business I am hands-on with and which parts of the business I leave more up to our fantastic business heads, and picking new areas to expand to remains one of my key focus areas.

The model I use today is not much different from what it was back in 2008 when my partners and I first decided to go into Pratamnak Hill to build our first holiday village:

- Market potential: Our strategy in the New Nordic Group have always been to bring our clients new emerging and existing destinations. When we first came to Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya, the area was mostly jungle and we spent months cleaning up the streets and the overall area. Today, it has become the "Beverly Hills" of Pattaya: a city that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world - but that yet has only started to show its unique potential. The city and region is a vital entry point to the Eastern Economic Corridor project, is located only 1,5 hours from Bangkok with a new speed train now being developed and has over 20 golf courses within a 1 hour drive. With all our destinations today I see a unique potential and development for growth, which is a testament to our strategy.

- Infrastructure: Linking to the point above the infrastructure is always very important to me and my team before we choose a location. It is important for us to be close to airports and to have a reasonably well-developed road system. We also are carefully considering the facilities in the surrounding area, and pick locations that are far enough away from the city to give our clients peace and quiet, but still close enough for them to easily be able to access restaurants, shops and the city.

- Organizational potential: The organizational potential is perhaps the most important factor before deciding to enter into a new destination. We know that we are good at building buildings and setting up projects, but we also know that this can only be done with the right people on the ground. We therefore always make sure we have the right candidates with experience from the area and with the potential to grow our organization in a successful way before we consider a project.

- The vision: The last point I consider is always the vision. New Nordic Group has the unique potential to develop projects where we are hands-on from we start to survey the land till we serve our clients omelette in our breakfast restaurant because we have a diverse team of professionals in all our key focus areas: investment, real estate, project development, hospitality and travel. When looking at a new location I always therefore consider the potential for each business unit in the area. For us to make a final decision on a location I must be able to see the vision coming to life.


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