New Adventures for the New Nordic Group

New Adventures for the New Nordic Group

Jan 25, 2018

The New Nordic Group is in the middle of a very exciting year. From 2009-2015 the New Nordic Group was mainly a development and management company developing different projects according to our brand and model on behalf of the different owners.

From this, the Group has developed to operate independent divisions which support all stages of the travel experience for our customers and owners, from the holiday apartment and  the enjoying the food in our restaurants to having their flight and activities organized for them, the transport ready to deliver them from A to B and an IT team to support with any technical challenges in their apartments. Here are some of the highlights we have seen in the company over the last two years!

New Nordic Development
The New Nordic Group developed for the first seven years only in Pratamnak Hill, Chonburi. With many different buildings with different layouts, design and facilities our aim was to always be able to offer our customers something of their liking! With a total of 8 resorts in Pratamnak, the company expanded beyond the borders of this holiday village, and in 2016 we launched projects also in Koh Samui, Chumphon and Phuket. The most important developments are, however, not measured in the expansion of our project, but the development of our team itself. Going from a small organization, the Group now has its own in-house architects, designers, engineers, sales managers, office managers and admin personnel to ensure that our projects are developed to the highest standards and that our customers get the best service.

New Nordic Hospitality
Developing a holiday village is one thing – managing it is a different story! With more and more projects completed, it was key to our work to ensure that we have a highly professional team to operate our resorts to ensure that our owners and guests feel safe in our holiday villages, have their apartments cleaned on time, get IT support when needed and have an office to go to when they need to book tickets or have any questions. In 2016, the hospitality and operation team was separated from the development team to ensure that we have a highly qualified team in this field of expertise solely focusing on maintaining and further developing the completed projects.

New Nordic Restaurants
With more and more project, we also got more and more available retail spaces, and we wanted to ensure that our customers and visitors got a wide range of choices when they come to visit their apartment in our resort. What was the solution? To build our own food and beverage division! The team works independently with all our New Nordic Restaurants, which are today located both inside and outside our holiday villages to ensure visitors from all over the world get to feel the power of orange!

New Nordic International
The year of 2016 also marked the beginning of our work with New Nordic International. Together with our Director of International Business Development, Country Managers and Project Managers, we have launched a Water World in Bali and are to launch a Hotel & Resort in Cambodia in July. The aim is to be able to offer customers and owners the same projects and management as they have in Thailand, and we are very pleased with the result. We also opened our corporate office in Hong Kong where the key organization of the overall New Nordic Group is located.

New Nordic Orange Society
With a massive growth of the company and many new divisions added to the company, it was important to keep the same mentality, team effort and attention to the quality product as our first project in Pratamnak. As a result, we developed the New Nordic Orange Society. Here our Orange Team works to ensure all projects keep the same values and focus as the first projects, and with our Orange Foundation, Orange Elephant Foundation, Orange Privilege Card and Orange Ambassadors, we work to ensure that our customers and the local surroundings always know what to expect from a New Nordic project when they see one.

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