A five star experience

A five star experience

Sep 7, 2018

The Group's hospitality division was created together with my partners shortly after I first arrived in Thailand. In the first few years, the division was not a big focus as we were first and foremost a real estate developer. As our projects and organization grew, the hospitality division also grew with more buildings, more food and beverage outlets and more retail spaces. A few years ago we decided it was time to make sure that we brought in a highly experienced team to lead this division, and we headhunted our hospitality directors from other international hospitality brands. Our hospitality division is now a fully independent business unit with hundreds of people in management.

As we have developed to become an international conglomerate as a Group it is not only important to have shared values, vision and goals for the overall organization, but to identify an individual vision for each unit as well. Together with our hospitality directors we have now also targeted our key focus for the coming years. In the words of our Director of Operations: "It is no longer about the amenities that you are given in the room. It is about the experience". Before people were looking for five star resorts, but today we are looking for a five star experience wherever we go. This is what we want to implement into our hospitality division as we move forward.

Our hospitality division when we go forward will be separated into the following four categories:

- Residences: Apartments with kitchenette and facilities perfect for families and long term stay. The buildings will be located in city areas with shared facilities such as mini-mart and services so that it is easy to adapt a "home away from home" lifestyle.

-Water World: Projects with the traditional resort feeling, where the buildings and facilities are surrounding a big swimming pool. The resorts have a family focus and are located in destinations perfect for children of any age.

- Signature: This concept is defined by the experience the building will offer the customer, rather than the star level or the selection of amenities. The concept is defined by its uniqueness whatever it might be.

- Franchise: Projects that we collaborate on with international hotel brands.

The brands may be applied to New Nordic projects and other projects. In some cases, such as the Water World, it follows the key branding of our New Nordic sales & development work. In other areas other hospitality brands might be applied. The focus for hospitality is to develop a project that is best suited the visitors needs, and to make sure they have the 5 star experience.

The hospitality division also have core restaurant concepts that will follow the hospitality brands. More about this later!

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