New Nordic Group launching in Cambodia!

New Nordic Group launching in Cambodia!

Jan 25, 2018

This week, the New Nordic Group team launched its second international project, and its first project in Cambodia: New Nordic Sunshine Hotel & Resort! The project is located in Sihanoukville, only a 6 minutes walk to Ochheutal beach. The Hotel & Resort has 15 floors with a variety of studio rooms, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms, as well as a range of facilities from our own restaurant and spa, to a rooftop pool with a fantastic view, a conference center and all the services you know from a New Nordic concept. The team and I could not be more excited!

“Why Cambodia?” you might wonder. For us, Cambodia was a very natural choice. Let me explain. All our new destinations start up when we have two key points settled: location and the team. Firstly, we never start up a project unless we know we have found the perfect piece of land together with our local investors. It has to be in an area that is true to our concept and that is true to what our customers expect from the New Nordic Group. This is normally a plot of land that is a little outside the main cities, but still well connected to the country and region’s infrastructure so our customers easily can travel around and easily get to and from the project. It also means that it has to be close to the beach: our policy is that the guests should not have to cross a main road to get to the ocean. Thirdly, it also has to be well connected to local restaurants, spas, facilities and shops – everything you need both for living and for a holiday. Sihanoukville can check off all three key points, and more than that! Sihanoukville is a fantastic area, which shows all sign to develop further in the coming years and attract more and more tourism. This brings we back to the days we started in Pratamnak Hill when the area was mainly jungle and we would walk around cleaning up the streets – today it is a fantastic area set between two of the most exciting cities/towns of Thailand’s Chonburi area: Pattaya and Jomtien. Sihanoukville has all the factors needed to go in the same direction!

The second point we always consider before going to a new location is the team. When looking for a team, the Group always have certain specifications that they look for. Firstly, it is to make sure that we have people that knows the New Nordic Group and its products well. We want to make sure that you recognize a New Nordic Group product when you see one, and that also goes for our international developments. This is often more challenging when it is in a new country, when the construction team, architects, and development team are set in a new environment- but with a management that knows the Group and its vision well working as a key connecting point between our current standards and the local environment we see a team work that creates a great dynamic and a good quality product. Secondly, the team has to be familiar with the country that we are expanding to and its real estate, development and hospitality industries. Today, our international managers have no less than 10 years of experience in the countries that they are managing our New Nordic projects. This is to make sure we know our locations well before starting a project, but also to make sure that we know the team on the ground and how it works. We do not want to create a Thailand product in Cambodia, nor vice versa – and for this our local team is crucial. In Cambodia we are lucky to have both the New Nordic management team with knowledge and experience in Cambodia, as well as a fantastic local team.

Today, we are extremely proud of the product that we can present to our customers this week. Not only is Sunshine Hotel & Resort our first project in Cambodia and our first high rise, but it is a high quality building throughout bringing a high standard of living into this exciting, up and coming, part of Cambodia. We could not be more excited for the developments and look forward to follow the construction work and the building rising together with our Cambodian team.

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