Not only a real estate business - 50,000 monthly F&B covers and counting

Not only a real estate business - 50,000 monthly F&B covers and counting

Mar 16, 2018

In January this year, we reached a huge milestone in our Group. During this month, we had over 50,000 covers in our breakfast restaurants alone - excluding all our all day dining restaurants like our bakery "The Cabin", the French Bistro "On the Hill" and our beachfront restaurant "Kon-Tiki".

Our hospitality business often ends up in the shadow of our real estate and development business, but in reality it is a huge operation and a conglomerate of companies in its own right. We have a sales and reservation department, a retail department, an resort operations department, an F&B department, separate accounting departments, a housekeeping department, an events team and so much more. The business is also led by some of the best in the best in the industry with decades of experience from the biggest international hotel and restaurant brands. Together we have grand ambitions for what we want to achieve for our hotel, resort and restaurant brands in the future.

When people ask me about my real estate business, my first response is that they are mistaken. I am not in the real estate business. We are in the holiday destination business with all that it contains, from investments, project development and real estate to hotel and resort operations and travel. The huge knowledge and level of professionalism from each of these divisions coming together to plan new projects, evaluate new destinations and set new directions for the companies and brands is what makes it so interesting.

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