One holiday village coming to a complete

One holiday village coming to a complete

Jul 6, 2018

Our first holiday village in Pratamnak Hill was started back in 2009 when I first moved down to Thailand and started the orange venture together with my partners. The first building was launched in 2010 called VIP 1 and today we have a total of eight resorts in this holiday village: Trend, Anita, Club, Marcus, Kristine, Family, Holiday and Resort. Today we are an international company with projects across South Eastern Asia, but the projects that we have in Pratamnak Hill will always stay close to my heart because it will always be our first venture, because of the team that helped get this vision into life that are largely also with us today, and also because this is the place where we see the orange community in its true sense.

One of our key visions have always been to create communities, and in our orange holiday villages we aim to ensure that our owners and visitors always have all the services and facilities they need on the doorstep. In Pratamnak Hill we have a wide range of restaurants with our Norwegian bakery The Cabin, our French Bistro On The Hill, Pew Thai Restaurant, and Steaks, Grill and Winery. We also arrange events at these locations with our Dance Gala, Music Festival, Norway Day, Bastille Day and more. We have shops, mini marts and massage to ensure that the visitors to not have to go far to get what they are looking for. There are also a travel agency, transport fleet and shuttle service to the beach for those who what to go outside the village. This is all tied in with our own maintenance team with a security force, 24 hour information desks, gardeners, cleaners and more.


Our focus is now mostly on new areas and destinations, but the work to complete the last few remaining building in Pratamnak Hill is still very much on fast forward. Three of these buildings will also introduce new concepts to the village that will take it to the next level:

- New Nordic Castle I & II: The first completed buildings in our Heritage Division that will introduce a unique five star concept to the area. With a Battlefield Restaurant, lounges and a club floor this building will not only offer rooms and restaurants, but an experience.

- New Nordic Atrium: This building has one floor dedicated to a supermarket and one floor to offices. This way our visitors and others in the area do not have to go out of the area to get their groceries. We also want to offer high quality working spaces for those who want to have all office facilities catered for.

- New Nordic Trend 7: Trend 7 has one and a half floor with a spa and a gym. We are working with third party companies specializing in fitness and wellness to ensure we have top notch facilities and offer to our visitors so it is easy to put in a morning exercise before going to work.


I always tell those I meet that to understand  New Nordic, you need to start by making a visit to Pratamnak Hill to see for yourself the orange village here. At our core is the orange family, all facilities at one place and a range of options, and we want to bring that with us in our new ventures. 

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