Weekend in Kao Yai

Weekend in Kao Yai

Nov 1, 2018

Every quarter the team leaders from every brand and every destination meet to update each other, get inspiration and make sure we get to know each other better. As a past pace company this is one of the keys to making sure we are all in tune at all times.

Last weekend the senior management met for the last quarterly meeting of the year. This time the destination was in Kao Yai: a beautiful area north of Bangkok with beautiful nature and a little cooler tempratures. Since we last met up we have established two new corporate departments that are led by new and amazing team members, and we spent a lot of time on them introducing their work and the development of their departments to the team. We also had a lot of team building activities, and all team leaders gave updates from their teams.

We have had gatherings for all team leaders for about three years now, and this is something we will continue with. Yes, it does of course take us away from our every day work in the office, but the value of being together for a few days away from the "to do lists" and without running around with our day-to-day departmental tasks is massive. As a past pace company we need to be in tune with each other at all times, trust the work of the other departments and find good ways of running fast - without running into our collegues. Of course we also have the challange of having a wide range of different backgrounds, nationalities and personalities which makes it even more important to have a good connection and understanding of the other members of the team. Every decision, collaboration and strategic move becomes easier when we have a strong and united team as a basis.

The weekend was filled with a lot of meetings and conversations. The team is more gathered than ever before, all with big and ambitious plans for their departments. We of course will continue to work on getting more and more united, but I believe that the potential in this group is massive.

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