The current brands

The current brands

Jun 21, 2018

This year, New Nordic Group has branched into five different brands to be able to profile our services and products clearer to our clients, and also to be able to run our companies more efficiently. I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick write up about all the different companies I now run as I get asked this a lot.

New Nordic
New Nordic was before the name for all of our operations and divisions, but we found it difficult to brand a construction, consultation, investment, apartment sales, hotel, resort, restaurant, retail, travel, IT and yacht service brand in the same way. We therefore decided that New Nordic should go back to where it started and focus on asset management and being an apartment sales company. The brand consists of a range of companies with different co-owners and partners, but I remain 100% owner of the Hong Kong company where we have our HQ. We also just founded a company in Dubai that will serve as the HQ for our Africa expansion.

For years our New Nordic clients have been asking us for an investment vehicle that enables them to invest alongside us in new destinations and projects. We have spent years finding the best solution to this, and the answer was the US investment corporation Auran where I am director together with Tommy Wiberg og Bob Pritchard. This month we launched Marcus Hotel, which Best Western will operate. I believe that we can create unique opportunities for the Group and our clients with this new venture, and look forward to see this brand move forward. The HQ for this brand is in Singapore.

Oroma Developments
My passion have always been to create and see my visions come to life, and the development of our projects have therefore always been close to my heart. Over the years we have developed a strong team here consisting of designers, architects and engineers, and we realized that we should also allow third parties to benefit from our expertise. This is why we decide to create a sub-brand for this work. Oroma Developments will be set out from Dubai.

Alani Hospitality
As we got more and more rooms under our management, we realized shortly after we founded New Nordic that there was a need for a hospitality division to take care of our resorts, restaurants and retail spaces. This division has become increasingly professional over the years, and is today led by some highly knowledgeable hoteliers with decades of experience from leading hotels in the region. This year, we are establishing collaborations with international brands for our hotels, we have our own operational team and we also offer management agreements to third parties. I am the majority shareholder of this company, but my talented managing directors here are also co-owners.

Kiwano Travel
It seemed natural to have a travel department under the Group, when we could offer everything from developing projects to operating them. Today we have a total of 7 companies under this division with Wikstrom, Jarlsberg, Asiaspesialisten, the Asia Specialist, VIP Service, VIP Yacht Service and newly established Kiwano Travel. The travel agency industry is often critiqued for being "dead", but as flight and hotels are becoming more and more cheap and easily available, we see that our clients are increasingly willing to pay for unique experiences. Our team has some fantastic plans for these agencies this autumn, which we think can revolutionize the travel industry - but more about that in a separate post. I own 100% of Asiaspesialisten and Kiwano Travel, whist the other companies are owned by co-owners and partners.

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