Monthly Meeting with Business Unit Leaders

Monthly Meeting with Business Unit Leaders

Aug 28, 2018

Last week all our business unit leaders met in our corporate office Bangkok to summarize the last month and to go through our future goals and strategies. It was the perfect occasion to set our priorities before the autumn hits us.

Head Assistant Khun Pom and General Manager for our Head Admin Sales Office Khun Nuna

Present was the leaders of all five divisions: Auran Investments, New Nordic Sales, Alani Hospitality, Oroma Developments, Kiwano Travel and the Asia Specialist. What I love about the Group is that all divisions work on such different sets of projects and businesses, but because we work in very much the same destinations and according to the same sets of values, the work we do and our collaboration across the divisions tie very nicely together when we meet in this way.

I am very honored to work with such dedicated, talented and also passionate group of people. All divisions have set very clear and ambitious goals for their division and we all agree with one thing: if there is someone doing what we want to do in a better way than us, we will not do it. Our passion and ambition comes from offering something special to our clients and orange family that cannot be found elsewhere. It is an exciting challenge we take with pride.

This upcoming week I will meet with all our Country Managers and I am excited to see how their work mix with the work of our divisions. It will be an exiting autumn!

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