Building communities through travel

Building communities through travel

Aug 24, 2018

Our travel division are these days working extremely hard on the launch of our new travel brand: Kiwano Travel AS. As millennial travelers are pushing the trend towards local travel, we believe that this new travel and inspiration agency that is grounded in ethical and sustainable options that ensures that resources stay in the local communities of each destination can be a good alternative to the bigger agencies.

In Thailand today, it is estimated that 70% of the money tourists spend end up leaving the country via foreign-owned tour operators, airlines, hotels, imported drinks, food, etc (United Nations Environment Programme). After all, the tourism industry has the largest potential to represent voluntary transfer of cash from the rich to the poor in history!

Through our Kiwano network of Local Ambassadors we have brought together people of all ethnicity, religions and views for everyone to work together for a common goal: Building the travel agency of the future! Not only will they be able to offer "off the beaten track" holidays, but they have a unique ability to create holidays our clients will never forget because they have themselves been brought up in the culture. If I were to travel to Norway, I would like to have a Norwegian show me around. When I travel to Uganda, it is of course only someone from Uganda that can give me the true experience of the country and its "hidden pearls". Through this concept we are also able to offer people in these countries jobs to build their families and communities, rather than filling up our offices in Bangkok and T√łnsberg. This brings added value to the concept.

Beautiful resort on an island in the middle of Lake Malawi

Today we have ambassadors from Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Indonesia, Filippinene, Thailand and India. They have already started researching their countries and travelling to new and unexplored places. Together with our central team we will also guide and assist our travelers to ensure that they feel confident going outside their comfort zones. When dealing with unexplored areas it is so important to interact in a respectful way and to also realize the effects of your visit on the community (for good and for bad!), and then it is good having this support function. This is the future - rather than the old procedures of having a travel guide waiting for you in the lobby at 6:00 every morning because you are heading out to the all the landmarks in the country.

 Meetings with our different partners. Back to basics: making plans in the sand.


The travel agency will be launched later this autumn.


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