Launching a new company in the US!

Launching a new company in the US!

May 2, 2018

Our team and I have been working extremely hard over the last few years to develop a unique new investment structure for our clients. After years of offering investment options to clients across the world attached to their apartment or condominium unit, we saw that there is a need to be able to offer larger investments into the same tourism sector in key emerging regions in South East Asia - and our answer was to set up our own investment corporation in the US with the name AURAN. The name stems from the Latin word Aurantico, which means "Orange".

Through this investment structure, investors will be offered ownership in our different real estate ventures across all our destinations. You will therefore have much more flexibility in terms of how much you want to invest as you will not be limited to the square meters of a unit. Your investment can also be much more diverse as you can get ownership in everything from hotel and commercial developments to our sustainable energy projects. All information such as audits and construction information is public information to ensure that the investment is as transparent as possible.

Our first product will be Marcus Hotel in Pratamnak Hill, with more offers being launched as we move forward. All information about current offerings can be viewed at

We hope that you are as excited as we are, and we look forward to share more and more developments in growing regions across the world with you.

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