Beautiful Philippines

Beautiful Philippines

Sep 2, 2018

After having worked in South East Asia for over 10 years now, I have developed a deep appreciation for the region, its landscape, people and opportunities. These countries have everything from white sandy beaches and local street food stalls to international shopping malls and high-end dining experiences.

On a global scene, however, I often feel like the diversity and opportunities in these countries are underestimated, or perhaps just not well enough communicated. One of these countries is the Philippines. 

Here are a few reasons to consider the Philippines:

- Consistent 10% YoY growth in tourism arrivals, consistent with other ASEAN destinations.International tourist arrivals to the Philippines rose by 10,2% to 3,2 million visitors for the period January - May 2018 compared to its level in the same period last year.

- Still considered one of the best-value holiday destinations in ASEAN. 

- Growth is focused outside of the congested capital of Metro Manilla.

- Infrastructure development is the government's primary concern.

New Nordic has already launched our first project here, The Fortress. The project is a part of our heritage division and offers both a hotel section and a residential section. All departments are now also working together with our fantastic country team, and we are all clear that this is only the start for us in this beautiful country.

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