Bringing you emerging destinations

Bringing you emerging destinations

Mar 6, 2018

Over the last couple of months, we have seen very big changes within the organization - which all became very apparent during our quarterly senior management meeting in Cambodia last week. 

The New Nordic Group is a real estate developer and investment vehicle managing 3000 apartments across South Eastern Asia, but the expertise within this team is expanding much beyond our team of professionals from the real estate, sales and financial industry. Over the last few years we have gained huge expertise in several key areas, and we realized that it was time to separate them into individual brands.

Firstly, we needed to increase the autonomy of each division within the Group. We needed to find a way to make the senior management make decisions fast without having to depend on the approval from myself or other partners. We also needed to find a way to make each brand identifiable in their own right. Our fantastic travel team and hospitality team often ended up in the shadow of the real estate development before, which is a true shame considering the amazing strength, ambitions and professionalism of these teams. The last important point was to ensure that our focus is more centred. Sitting in meetings discussing everything from piling of new projects to trips with the company yacht did not work anymore. We needed to ensure we found a way for each team and division to focus on the tasks key to them.

This year we are therefore launching four new brands in addition to continue the expansion and development under our New Nordic Group. The launches will be of one travel group, one hospitality brand, one project development brand and one investment brand. Common for them all is the focus on bringing you emerging destinations, with a commitment to international standards grounded in local values. More about that later!

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