The Orange Team in Norway

The Orange Team in Norway

Jun 6, 2018

Every four months the management meet up at a location were we have projects to summarize the last quarter, see the our Group's facilities at the location and make plans for the future. Last week the senior management was in Norway.

Norway has always been a special place for the Group considering that myself and several of the management is from this place of the world. This was therefore a chance to show them where some of the culture and heritage of the Group is from, in addition to visit our Norway office where three of our travel branches are located. We always knew our travel agencies are fantastic in planning trips, but this time they had also made sure the weather was on our side with close to 30 degrees throughout the week. The country truly showed itself from its best side, and even our Thai management thought it was a bit too much on the warm side on some occasions - he he.

It is amazing to go to work and to set high aims for our future when we have the team that we currently have. Over the last few years a key priority has been to find and develop key talent within each division, whilst at the same time work to unify these divisions and personalities to ensure that we work as one promoting the orange values of our Group. At this point I truly feel like we have managed this. Today we have a total of eight nationalities within our Group management, all adding their own unique perspective and skill-set to the Group. In addition, these people have key expertise from the fields of project development, sales & marketing, legal, finance, hospitality, travel and more. This way, we know have hands-on involvement in every process that we undertake.


In our work 5 year business plans are not relevant anymore. In 2018, the world, our industries and people's needs and opinions change rapidly. Therefore, businesses have to be dynamic and promote a culture within the firm of flexibility to be able to meet these changes in the best possible way and adapt our programs and our services accordingly. In the same time, this dynamic has to be controlled and changes made has to be done for the purpose of where what we want to achieve and where we want to go. These overall targets are identified by our corporate identity that set our values and our aims in terms of products and countries. Our shared goal is to be present in emerging and exciting regions to be able to offer our clients these destinations in a good manner with the quality and service that we are known for - whether it is to do a good investment, buy a holiday home, build a project, stay in our hotels and restaurants or explore the local culture and nature in the area through our travel agencies. We are excited to take you on this journey!

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