New Nordic Group celebrates the Thai Elephant Day with our Orange Elephants!

New Nordic Group celebrates the Thai Elephant Day with our Orange Elephants!

Jan 25, 2018

Thai people have a very close connection and a long history with the Thai elephants, tracing back to when the elephant was crucial for transport, labor and battle. So important has it been, that is has been named the national animal of the country and 1998 they got their own day named after them: The Thai National Elephant Day, celebrated on March 13th of every year.

If you have visited one of our offices over the last year you have probably noticed the elephants have also become an important part of our communities, both to value the importance of these animals among our staff and the local community that we are a part of – as well as showing it as an important symbol of Thailand to our guests. Over the last year, we have also gotten a big new pride of elephants that are noticeable in all our sales offices, help desks and restaurants: The Orange Elephant!

The Orange New Nordic Elephant is a part of our Orange Foundation, that gives out 15 scholarships yearly for local children in Pattaya for them to attend a special English lessons class for 12 months for them to get the best possible start to their work life. For one year our staff has been promoting the elephant teddys to visitors and customers, where 100% of the income goes to this scholarship – and we are very excited to see that we reached our goes. This morning, our Events Manager Khun Kwaang was at the school to present them with their scholarship. We are very happy to see them, and wish them best of luck in the year to come. We, on the other hand, will continue to boost the power of orange to develop strong, independent and knowledgeable individuals both within and outside our organization.

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