The Importance of Change

The Importance of Change

Jan 25, 2018

I attended International Marketer of the Year, Bob Pritchard’s event in Bangkok this month, where we was explaining about the importance for business leaders today to not become “Old, Fat and Happy”. I could not agree more.

In a constantly changing world, those who are not always on the tip of their toes eager to learn, change and push their product forward, will end up going nowhere. Furthermore, those that are content and do not always push themselves and their team to go further, challenge themselves more and be the ones in the industry setting the highest demands to their own products, will most likely end up closing down.

It has since the very beginning always been a key concern of the New Nordic Group to follow the latest developments and trends in the market. We started up by offering holiday homes to Scandinavian tourists spending the coldest months of the year in Thailand. We then saw an increasing interest in investing in real estate without wanting to stay in the apartment themselves, or even coming to Thailand. Rather than having all investors rent out their apartments by themselves on different websites, we started to offer a “rental guarantee” program. Today, we see an increasing interest in this offer, and we therefore gathered our team to be “Visionary, Eager and Critical” rather than “Old, Fat and Happy”. The result is the project that we launched earlier this month!

The New Nordic Group has joined up with US Delaware incorporated company ET RE Corp, and are now incredibly proud to offer a new wide range of options for investors – without them ever having to worry about title deed registrations, local rules and regulations, the maintenance of the apartment or the hassle of taking over the apartment after the 10 year rental guarantee period. With the new offers, our investors can purely enjoy the benefits of their investments, while the New Nordic Group and the local teams take care of the rest. In addition, this product open up for a whole new range of investment opportunities, as we offer investments down to USD 5000 and options ranging from regular returns to capital gain. The investment will still be secured by selected apartments and New Nordic Group real estate projects, with the spread of assets adding additional security for our investors.

We truly believe this is the future of real estate investments, and look forward to continue to create high quality projects across our destinations.

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