The New Nordic Team As Our Biggest Asset

The New Nordic Team As Our Biggest Asset

Jan 25, 2018

At the New Nordic Group, we are not scared to dream big, have grand ambitions and set key targets for us to reach after – especially because we know that we also have the team to follow up such grand goals on a daily basis and to work to make it happen in the long term. When you combine our grand plans with a determined “step by step” approach, we believe you have a killer recipe for success!

This week, our senior management is meeting in Bangkok to summarize the third quarter. I am amazed by the huge developments that has found place within our different companies and business units, and I am convinced that our team is currently stronger, more experienced and more skilled than ever before to take on the new ventures we now have planned for.

We have our corporate legal, IT, HR, Finance and marketing team working across all our countries and destinations to bring the New Nordic Group’s ideals and values to life. In addition to this, we have a hospitality team with years of experience from the world’s biggest hotel brands. We have a project development team with both international and local background in everything from solar power plants to hotels and big commercial projects from Asia, the Middle East and West Africa – in addition to in-house designers and in-house architects. We have a business development team with expertise in each country we venture into, based in Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Norway, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have a strong sales apparatus diversifying and strengthening our sales work, and ensuring added service and customer support throughout the purchase process – and more importantly: after-service for when the product is delivered to our customers. Our support does not stop with the signing of the purchase agreement! Our travel division brings all these projects and locations together, and connects the world for you. Together, this team ensures that we can follow the whole development process from the first pile is put into the ground to filling in our rooms at our music festivals, where all functions are managed by a highly involved and dedicated team – something I think is truly unique!

The first nine years of the New Nordic Group is just the beginning, and we will now lift our operations to new destinations, new heights and new ventures. I could not be more excited!

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