New Nordic Group’s 1000 bosses

New Nordic Group’s 1000 bosses

Jan 25, 2018

Since the start-up, the New Nordic Group and everything we do has been built around the idea of community and a close team of people coming together having fun whilst taking care of our customers and visitors. This because we believe that a happy company serves happy customers!


In Pratamnak Hill, we started eight years ago with a small dedicated team. In the afternoons, the whole team would meet up in our restaurant to summarize the day and the next steps for New Nordic. Since then we have developed massively, and we have gone from having one building to more than 50 completed buildings in this area alone. Needless to say, we are also a lot more staff – passing 800 employees by the end of 2016.  We cannot all fit in one restaurant anymore! The challenge has then been to find other ways for the Group to stay connected and to keep the Orange Team spirit alive.

Over the last few years we have had yearly staff parties. We love celebrations in New Nordic Group, where all departments and teams come together for a good time. As one of my general managers say: “Work is work, and dancing is dancing”. This time together is invaluable, and we create close ties across teams, levels and locations. In 2016, however, the Orange Team has become such a big Group that it is difficult to find a big enough area for all of us – and we are also spread more across locations and destinations. We had to find new ways to stay connected!

Last year, we therefore launched our very own New Nordic Staff Selfie Competitions. Once a month, we have encouraged all departments to post pictures with different “New Nordic themes”, where prizes have been given to winners in different categories. Not only have we seen teams come together in an attempt to create the best selfie – it has also created a great vibe within the company where we challenge each other and have a good laugh of how creative and inventive the teams are. We have also launched other competitions and special happenings on special occasions – and it was topped when we gave out orange helmets to everyone in the organization a few months ago. The streets where covered in orange when the first shift of the day punched out to go home!


In 2017, we have launched another initiative to stay connected across departments and locations; this time by testing out the new communication platform by Facebook: WorkPlace. Here all members of staff get their own personal profile and can create teams, groups and chat with other members of the company – completely separated from their personal Facebook accounts. User friendly and no need to learn the system- we are all already familiar with the ways of Facebook! I absolutely love this system, and now I can keep the team updated, stay updated and get immediate feedback on ideas, suggestions and plans for the further development in the New Nordic Group – whether it be from our directors, managers, receptionists or engineers!

The New Nordic Group is built on the community and “power of orange”, in which we mean smiling and happy staff that create a lively atmosphere and vibrant offices and resorts. After all, without the team there is no Group. We have carried the Group this far, and will continue in the same way in 2017 with many exciting plans and new destinations – and I firmly believe that this can not be done without input from all parts of the team, from the front desk manager to our IT experts. After all, it is my job as CEO to follow their lead and listen to their input. I see them as my 1000 bosses!

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