Meeting our clients

Meeting our clients

Mar 26, 2018

Our Sales DirectorJan Nuijten in New Nordic and I have now spent one week in New Caledonia before we went off to Tahiti. It is my first time to this area, and I have to say that I am amazed by the beauty of this place. 

Over the last decade, our French owners and clients have been one of our biggest markets. We were therefore very happy when we finally got to go here together with one of our first and biggest agencies; Company Vauban. We have been to see their offices and joined for several conferences and meetings. It is fantastic to hear the feedback from new and current owners - and I have also had the joy of meeting owners that have invested with us regularly over the last 8 years!


One of the biggest challenges going through the immense expansion that New Nordic has over the last few years, is to make sure we still have our clients as our number one priority - listening to their wishes, needs and wants. We have been one of the most innovative developers in terms of investment options and product for a long time, and we are dedicated to continuing to do so for many years into the future. It is then very good to get input from our long term investors. I am excited to get back to our New Nordic offices to start working on these ideas!


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