Greener Times

Greener Times

May 12, 2018

As mentioned earlier, our senior management early decided that 2018 was the year when our orange community was to go greener - in every way possible except for the color! The initiative started slowly last year, with the plan to start to implement it from January in all divisions - and the response we have received from the teams have exceeded all my expectations!

In our resorts, our hospitality team has already changed all water bottles from plastic to glas. They have removed shower caps, cotton buds and body lotion, and changed the type of tissue paper in the toilets. They also started to implement a floor energy saving plan for the low season. In the restaurants, they have also started to eliminate all plastic by the use of glas bottles, paper straws, and breakfast take-away boxes in recycled Kraft bags. They have also started to source local products to reduce carbon foot print - including making our own seasonal jam prepared by our chefs!

New initiatives in big organizations can often be a negative thing that is met with frustration or complications, and I am incredibly proud of the team for taking these new ideas on with motivation and guts - and for implementing them with stronger force than excepted! In our organization we have seen these green initiatives lead to not only a more sustainable environment and more cost efficient operations, it has also brought the team more closely together working on a shared project across all divisions! I am not saying we are perfect or even good enough when it comes to sustainable businesses, but we have started, we are trying and we are aiming high!


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